Opinion: Presidential predicament


Published: 07-13-2023 6:00 AM

Richard Bircher lives in Lebanon.

Reflecting upon the present status of the Hunter Biden predicament, one can’t help but note the convoluted moralities applied to past and present presidencies. Three years ago as the story first broke just before the election, the media dismissed it as “Russian disinformation.” Obviously, they had no actual hard data to substantiate their claim but went ahead anyhow.

At this time, a main theme of the Democratic Party revolves around equity, based upon the discrepancies of past legalities, societal norms, and predilections (especially), versus a basic, comprehensive state of fundamental equality, which has long been the standing norm.

The equity argument requires a mixed concoction of savory and unsavory alliances, along with favored rationalizations, that in effect deny equality: equity becomes a subjective, compulsory, politically-driven term that negates individual responsibility or merit.

In Hunter’s case, to essentially excuse the offending, less than prodigal son of the president, from any real degree of culpability, certainly creates a perception of favoritism, along with government malfeasance (DOJ). As well as fueling the ongoing concern over President Biden and his family’s potential involvement with the more serious offenses of influence peddling and bribery while vice president in the Obama administration.

If one were to simply alter Hunter’s last name from Biden to Trump, the “moral outrage” would be furious and relentless. The media, Democratic leaders of all stripes, weekly columnists, as well as a hefty percent of this publication’s readership, would be livid with accusations of white, privileged, gun-toting, tax evading, cocaine lusting, racist (somehow), male exclusivity — which should in no way be merely brushed aside.

Many times over the past several years has the president claimed that there was absolutely nothing of truth to the accusations surrounding Hunter. The so-called “fact checkers” and “truth providers” all disappear once the Democrats enter high office.

Is Hunter’s plea deal to be the successful ending to any further revelations regarding the Biden family exploits or just the beginning? Whatever the case, equity does not work in reverse: the privileged remain as privileged, for now at least.

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Allegiance to the party is of foremost concern; a tactical ploy designed not to over tax the moral comfort zone of its membership. The “facts” are largely irrelevant, hidden as best one can. Our minds are intuitively adept at doing what’s necessary to protect our own.