Letter: Bills to help coyotes

Published: 12-05-2023 6:00 AM

Beginning in January of the 2024 legislative session, NH will have two bills to help coyotes. HB 1100 will close the hunting season during pup rearing. A Senate bill will prohibit coyote hounding. It is long overdue that the eastern coyote gets this reprieve from hunting. When the western coyote migrated east through northern states and Canada, they mated with wolves, so the eastern coyote is larger and more wolf-like than the coyote of the west. Once here, they filled the wolf’s role, which had been extirpated from this part of the country by over-hunting, as a valuable predator. Even though we know more today about how vital the predator-prey relationship is for a healthy ecosystem, the coyote is treated as irresponsibly as the wolf once was.

They can be hunted and hounded 365 days a year, even while raising pups. Coyotes are monogamous, and both parents are needed to raise the pups, teaching them life survival skills, including how to stay away from humans. HB 1100 will close the coyote hunting season while raising pups. Hounding coyotes is especially horrible, as coyotes cannot escape by climbing a tree. Once exhausted, they turn to defend themselves, sometimes injuring the dogs. Being outnumbered, the coyote will be bitten repeatedly until the hunter catches up and ends the coyote’s life. The Senate bill will prohibit the use of dogs to hunt coyotes. Please help these bills pass. Check out the Voices of Wildlife in NH for more information.

Linda Dionne


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