Letter: Beaver Meadow’s new gathering place

Published: 12-07-2023 3:56 PM

Beaver Meadow has been a part of Concord’s history for the last 125+ years. It has evolved from a nine hole course, to an eighteen hole course, to an establishment that has become a year round facility not only for golf, but skating and cross country skiing. It has become an organization that supports many non-profits and community fundraisers for old and young alike. A new clubhouse isn’t just a building for golfers, it’s a new facility and gathering place to encompass the vast array of recreational and social needs for both the people of Concord, and the many visitors it plays host to.

In 1968, the second clubhouse was built because the original clubhouse was no longer functional to serve its members. The early building was heated by a fireplace, its floors were rotting out, the plumbing and electrical systems were unsafe. I remember the old clubhouse well and was eleven years old when it was built. Chet Wheeler is my Dad, and I spent many a day there as a child. Today, this 1968 clubhouse is in similar disarray and it is time for something to be done. Yes, I am a golfer, a skater and cross country skier, so I am fully aware of the condition of this facility. The ladies bathroom is deplorable and the overall condition of the building is a dreadful eyesore. Beaver Meadow is a historical site and the City of Concord should take pride in its rich history.

Kimberly Wheeler


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