Bow Community building to be closed on Thursday for mold cleanup



Monitor staff

Published: 04-29-2024 4:59 PM

After the discovery of mold in the Bow community center building, town officials have announced its closure this Thursday for thorough cleanup and decontamination.

David Stack, the town manager, outlined the plan, stating that mitigation efforts will start on Wednesday, focusing initially on the basement. The cleanup of the equipment storage room is scheduled for Thursday.

To ensure thorough decontamination, the gym will be closed on Thursday, Stack said. After cleanup, a dehumidifier will also be placed in the storage room.

The mitigation will be completed by Alpine Environmental Inc, a company with whom the town typically contracts for mold infestation, and will cost the town $11,570. In addition, the dehumidifier costs $519 and air testing costs between $1,000 and $1,500. There will also be ongoing costs for disinfecting wipes and air filter replacement, which will be drawn from the town’s facilities operating budget.

“It started out there was a possible mold reaction by program participants so they thought maybe they were being affected by it,” Stack explained about how the elevated count of mold spores came to light. “So we did an inspection testing.”

 The presence of mold in the basement was not unexpected, given its tendency to be damp and prone to stagnant water due to a high water table and poor condition of the floor slab, which allows water to seep into the building. Stack noted recurring issues with the sump pump becoming clogged and failing to drain water effectively.