Opinion: What’s ten feet tall and not subject to inflation?

06-22-2024 8:00 AM


Brian Adams of Andover, Mass., is a UNH alumnus originally from Londonderry. He was previously a sketch comedy writing instructor and staff writer at ImprovBoston and a founding contributor to satirical online newspaper Recyculus. He is a father to...

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Opinion: The communities and identities of Christianity

06-22-2024 8:30 AM


John Buttrick writes from his Vermont Folk Rocker in his Concord home, Minds Crossing. He can be reached at johndbuttrick@gmail.com In contemporary society, identifying as “Christian” invites more confusion than clarity. Last year, Pew Research...

Opinion: Spiritual Celtics

06-22-2024 7:30 AM


State Representative Mike Moffett (R-Loudon) chairs the House Committee on State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs. He has been a Celtic fan since 1968. A favorite travel terminal is at Boston’s Logan Airport which features numerous championship...

Opinion: The right to know makes us equal to the powerful

06-22-2024 7:00 AM


Narain Batra taught, for more than three decades, courses on freedom of speech, media law, ethics, and diplomacy at various colleges. He is the author of “The First Freedoms and America’s Culture of Innovation.” He lives in the Upper Valley. Just...

Opinion: ACLU: Falling in love with America

06-22-2024 6:00 AM


Robert Azzi is a photographer and writer who lives in Exeter. His columns are archived at robertazzitheother.substack.com ‘I fell in love with my country - its rivers, prairies, forests, mountains, cities and people,” Elizabeth Gurley Flynn once...

Letter: Supreme Court wasting time

06-20-2024 4:53 PM

Why in God’s name is the Supreme Court wasting time legalizing bump stocks when our democracy is hanging by a thread? Give me a break!Peter Kollett Chichester

Letter: No new flags for veterans this year

06-20-2024 4:53 PM

I find it very sad that no one bothered to replace the American flags on Veterans graves on the Boscawen side of the Beaver Dam Cemetery in Webster this year.I contacted many organizations to find out the one that had been doing it and my questions...

Letter: A true threat to democracy

06-20-2024 4:53 PM

I write to respond to only part of Mr. Pelleteri’s Letter to the Editor from several days ago because there isn’t enough space here to debunk it all. He states that Donald J. Trump “is not a threat to democracy.” But the facts show very well that he...

Letter: Political trials

06-20-2024 4:53 PM

One thing the trials of Donald Trump and Hunter Biden have in common is they are about politics and not justice. Any other New York businessman would have been hit with a fine not 34 felonies. It wouldn’t have made page 5 of the New York Times. Donald...

Letter: A wider view

06-20-2024 4:53 PM

I’ve always heard that abortion is a woman’s issue, but I have a different view. I’ll explain in this true story about a woman in her early 30’s, happily married with 2 children. She has her hands full with the 2 year old boy and her 4 year old...

Opinion: Reflecting on Pride in 2024

06-20-2024 6:00 AM


Jean Lewandowski is a retired special needs teacher. She lives in Nashua. It’s time again to celebrate Pride Month and all the benefits joining the LGBTQ+ community has brought us as parents and grandparents. Our joys have only grown in the past year,...

Opinion: Three reasons the 2024 presidential election is a sign of the times

06-19-2024 6:00 AM


A. J. Kierstead is a resident of Concord and the editor and host of The New England Take. The current collapse of political norms was inevitable. It is apparent the neolib/neocon movement, the lukewarm attempt at “centrism,” has imploded and the...

Opinion: Smoothing life’s bumpy road

06-18-2024 6:00 AM


Dave Emerson of Old Ways Traditions lives in Canterbury. It’s no news that the road can get more bumpy as we get older. Life’s often a pretty bumpy road anyway these days. Ignoring the bumps has become more challenging.The beauty of the natural world...

Letter: A series of questions

06-17-2024 3:52 PM

Here’s a few questions for Trump supporters. Let’s say you had a financial advisor/ broker handling your savings, and that person falsified records he/ she submitted to the bank or a tax department on your behalf. Would you continue to have that...

Letter: Where are those Republicans now

06-17-2024 3:52 PM

Our two political parties are very different. The GOP/ MAGA crowd want to tear down our system of justice, and refuse to abide by the rule of law, whereas Democrats consistently respect and adhere to both. The GOP denies election results that favor...

Letter: Time for a change?

06-17-2024 3:52 PM

A question for traditional Democratic supporters; Hispanics, Jewish, African Americans, Bhutanese, Nepalese, Indigenous people, and others. Many traditional Democratic supporters are finding other political parties more aligned with their values. For...

Letter: Iran close to making nuclear weapons

06-17-2024 3:52 PM

It appears Iran is close to having enough enriched uranium to produce nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) carries out routine inspections of Iran’s declared atomic facilities. It recently reported Iran has enough...

Letter: What happens to the Rundlett property?

06-17-2024 3:52 PM

We know that a large swath of forest and walking trails will be cut down and traffic will increase to accommodate a new school at Broken Ground. What we don’t know is what happens to the Rundlett school property? Unless the property becomes sports...

Letter: Trump will save America

06-17-2024 3:52 PM

Since the day Joe Biden and his puppeteers slithered their way into the White House, many Americans have been struggling. The Democrats’ first action, to flip Donald Trump’s accomplishments, started the degradation of American quality of life. The...

Letter: Veto HB 1569

06-17-2024 3:52 PM

Raise your hand if you have ever forgotten to bring your wallet when you ran into the store for a quick errand. Such a simple oversight on Election Day could deny you your right to vote. By narrow margins, our legislature has sent Gov. Sununu a bill,...

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