Opinion: Tooth fairy economics

02-20-2024 6:00 AM


Brian Adams of Andover, Mass., is a UNH alumnus originally from Londonderry. He was previously a sketch comedy writing instructor and staff writer at ImprovBoston and a founding contributor to satirical online newspaper Recyculus. He is a father to...

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Letter: Bless the beasts and children

02-20-2024 2:54 PM

It’s hard to understand why some people hate coyotes with so much passion. Coyotes are wild dogs, and we all love our dogs. They will bother farm animals, but with good animal husbandry, co-existence is possible, and many farmers do that. When they...

Letter: Concord concerned citizens

02-20-2024 2:54 PM

I write to introduce “Concord Concerned Citizens,” a grassroots group dedicated to enhancing education in our community. We believe every child deserves a top-notch education and strive to work with the school board, staff, and residents to achieve...

Letter: Response to ‘Misguided rhetoric’

02-20-2024 2:54 PM

I’m replying to Lisa Beaudoin’s Feb. 13 My Turn column concerning HB 1283, the End-of-Life Options legislation currently pending in Concord. I am a 70-year-old NH resident. I’ve been disabled for five decades. I have never felt victimized by the...

Letter: Send Melania instead

02-20-2024 2:54 PM

Trump is mad because all these court dates are keeping him off the campaign trail. Other citizens don’t get to tell a judge “I’m busy that day.” How about sending Melania in his place, or has she been deployed out of the country? Judith A. Ackerson...

Letter: Trump’s threat to your finances

02-20-2024 2:54 PM

At a rally in South Carolina Donald Trump stated that he told a NATO leader that if the country was “delinquent” in it’s payment to NATO and if Russia attacked that “I would not protect you, in fact I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they...

Letter: Response to ‘legal fees’

02-20-2024 2:54 PM

The lawsuit Doug McNutt supports in his Sunday My Turn (2/18) is just another example of folks who have lost a political battle in the New Hampshire legislature turning to the courts to get their way. Mr. McNutt was there in the late 1990s when the...

Letter: Really, governor?

02-20-2024 7:00 AM

Support of Chris Sununu for the Texas governor is out of place. How about instead if you, our governor, show some support for the federal government and its agencies that are working on the border and frankly their responsibility. Not a peep about the...

Letter: Trump, wannabe dictator

02-20-2024 7:00 AM

Alexei Navalny’s unfortunate murder put an exclamation point on the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Trump cozies up to Putin, a bloodthirsty dictator, who will kill anyone who speaks out against him. Biden condemns Putin and his...

Letter: Choose the Community Power Coalition of NH

02-20-2024 7:00 AM

The benefits of community power are clear. It can provide lower energy costs through consolidating purchasing power while allowing residents to choose more renewable energy sources. Concord’s Energy and Environment Advisory Committee has been...

Letter: Fanciful Biden hit job

02-20-2024 7:00 AM

Millie LaFontaine’s My Turn (Monitor, 2/17) justifiably defends the president’s capacity to lead the nation following the release of Special Counsel Hur’s classified documents case report. I wholeheartedly agree with her findings but wish to point out...

Opinion: ‘Right to work’ bill back before NH legislature

02-19-2024 3:49 PM


Nicholas Lydon of Bow is an electrician for IBEW Local Union 490. It’s back to session for our state’s legislature, and with it comes a few guarantees: partisan fighting, and a seemingly semi-annual introduction of “right to work” legislation. While...

Opinion: The continued relevance of Leo Frank’s story

02-19-2024 6:30 AM


Jonathan P. Baird lives in Wilmot. Last March there was a Broadway revival of the musical Parade. It starred Ben Platt, who played the role of Leo Frank, the only Jewish person ever lynched in the United States. That happened back in 1915. Weirdly,...

Opinion: The case of the 50/50 ball

02-19-2024 6:00 AM


A retired professor and former Marine Corps officer, State Rep. Mike Moffett (R-Loudon) chairs the House Committee on State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs. In early 2021, our New Hampshire House Education Committee held a hearing on a...

Take the Concord Monitor’s weekly reader poll

02-19-2024 5:00 AM

Take our weekly reader poll, new every Monday, and look for the results in Saturday’s opinion section.Do you have a poll question you’d like to share with other readers? Let us know at letters@cmonitor.com 

Opinion: College applicants and the current national FAFSA delay: Don’t lose hope

02-18-2024 8:00 AM


Kenneth Ferreira is a vice president and director of Student Financial Services at Franklin Pierce University and president-elect of the Eastern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. The FAFSA Simplification Act, passed in December...

Opinion: Acquiring credible security

02-18-2024 7:30 AM


John Buttrick writes from his Vermont Folk Rocker in his Concord home, Minds Crossing. He can be reached at johndbuttrick@gmail.com I first became aware of an obsession over military security during my time living in Palestine in 2010. “Security” was...

Opinion: Silence isn’t nothing, silence is everything

02-18-2024 7:00 AM


Jean Stimmell, retired stone mason and psychotherapist, lives in Northwood and blogs at jeanstimmell.blogspot.com. As a teenager, I avoided silence at all costs. Even in nature, I had a crackling transistor radio glued to my ear, tuned to the beat of...

Letter: Debunking the misleading narrative of ‘Right-to-Work’ legislation

02-18-2024 7:00 AM

For years, Republican lawmakers in New Hampshire have championed “Right-to-Work” laws as safeguards against forced union membership and political contribution coercion. However, this narrative is misleading. The prohibition against compelling workers...

Letter: Our capital city

02-18-2024 7:00 AM

With a nod to Rep. Dianne Schuett, Concord is pronounced ‘kawhn-kidd,’ as spoken by indigenous New Hampshire Yankees.Adolphe BernotasPenacook

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