Logan Clegg found guilty of murdering Steve and Wendy Reid


Monitor staff

Published: 10-23-2023 1:20 PM

Logan Clegg showed no reaction Monday as all 16 jurors found him guilty of murdering Steve and Wendy Reid and trying to cover up his crime.

Per his request, each juror said out loud in court they found him guilty of all nine charges, including multiple counts of second-degree murder. 

Clegg faces life in prison when he is sentenced at a later date.

Jurors began deliberating Friday after days of detailed testimony about how police located the bodies of the Reids and eventually tracked Clegg down in Vermont. When he was arrested in October, he had a fake passport, a one-way plane ticket to Germany and $7,000 in cash.   

Clegg, 27, was specifically found guilty on four charges of second-degree murder for knowingly and recklessly causing their deaths under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to the value of human life, and four charges of falsifying physical evidence for concealing their bodies, burning his tent site and deleting information from his laptop. 

Over the last three weeks, the state pointed to Clegg’s elusive behavior, continuous lies to police and destruction of evidence as consciousness of guilt. 

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On April 18, 2022, the Reids left their apartment complex in Alton Woods off Loudon Road around 2:22 p.m. for a hike on the Marsh Loop Trail and never returned. Two days later, Steven Reid missed an important tennis match and worried family members reported them missing.

What began as a search for the missing couple quickly turned into a homicide investigation when police discovered their bodies on April 21, 2022, buried in a natural depression 30-yards off the Marsh Loop Trail, less than half a mile from their home. 

The night before on April 20, 2022, police encountered Clegg in a tent in the woods. He denied seeing the couple and gave police the name Arthur Kelly, a common alias he used, including when he purchased the gun that he used to kill the Reids. 

His appearance matched the description of a man given to police by a woman who saw him staring into the woods on the Marsh Loop Trail minutes after the couple hiked passed her and she heard what sounded like gunshots. When police returned to question him, he was gone and his tent site was burned. 

Over a span of months, detectives collected evidence, analyzed video surveillance and interviewed witnesses. On the day of the murders, Clegg was seen leaving Shaws around the same time the Reids were known to leave their apartment. The timing would have put Clegg and the Reids on the Marsh Loop Trail at the same time while he was walking back to his tent site. 

Less than 24 hours later, Clegg was in Walmart purchasing a new tent and sleeping bag and bus records show that he left Concord for Portland, Maine the following morning before arriving in Burlington, Vermont a month later. 

When Clegg was arrested on October 12, 2022, he was in possession of a Glock 17. Police found two boxes of 9mm ammunition in his tent, consistent with the bullets and shell casings recovered from the crime scene, and various gun accessories consistent with the murder weapon.